What is this?

Its a website to check every team's elo for ETF2L 6v6 teams that participate in Season 33. It might have few bugs or work inaccurately. Do not use its data as the source of true skill of your team.

How does it work?

Every minute we scan for new matches that are registered on Logs.TF. If it is a 6v6 match (with at least 5 registered ETF2L players from both teams). We get the data from the logs and calculate ELO.

How is elo calculated?

I use a library from zelenin for ELO calculation.

My match is not registered!

There might be several reasons when matches are not registered:

  1. There are more or less players than 12 in the logs match page.
  2. Your team or the enemy team had more than 1 merc that is not registered to the team on ETF2L.
  3. Some teams decide to delete logs before official, so the opponents could not analyze them. If there is no log, we can't get the match information for elo.
  4. Changing players in your roster might have an affect on ELO system. New players migration is not instant and should be updated within 24 hours
  5. The enemy team might be inactive in the current season. Teams that are inactive are not participating.

We won but ELO did not change

You've probably won against much weaker team. This system is much more rewarding when you win against better opponents.

Why did other teams start with a bigger ELO number?

We've assigned elo for the teams that should reflect their tier or division. This way if an open team wins against mid team, it will automatically get much bigger reward for defeating a stronger team. In the beggining of the season we gave starting ELO points:
• 2000 for PREM teams
• 1800 for DIV1 teams
• 1600 for DIV2 teams
• 1400 for MID teams
• 1200 for LOW teams
• 1000 for OPEN teams

This is rubbish!

The system is designed to be automatic. It might obviously have some mistakes / inaccuracies. If you clearly see a bug that calculates scores wrong please report it to NeuTronas.

Uploading fake logs

It is possible to upload fake logs with forged SteamIDs. Teams caught doing that to increase their elo will be punished (or completely removed) from the ELO system.

We are higher than some "higher tier" teams

Just because you have a higher ELO number than another team that is in a higher tier, it does not necessary means that your team is better. Maybe they've practiced against a much stronger teams which lead to more losses than wins. To figure out who is actually a stronger team you would have to organize a match against each other.